Why did it take so long?

The Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade received royal assent on 25 March 1807. It prohibited the slave trade in the British Empire but did not abolish the practice of slavery. Slavery was abolished in most of the British Empire in 1833. Why did it take 26 years between the abolition slave trade and the abolition of slavery itself?

The 26 year gap between the abolition of the slave trade and the abolition of slavery itself was due to various political, economic, and social factors.

One of the main reasons was the need to compensate slave owners for their loss of property, as slavery was a major economic institution in the British Empire.

The government also had to address the issue of how to deal with the slave population, including questions about their rights, freedoms, and future role in society.

These complex issues took time to address and required careful consideration and negotiation. Additionally, there was significant opposition from slave owners and others who profited from slavery, and the process of passing legislation to abolish slavery was slow and often contentious.

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